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Behind the Concept

This card game came as a response to the perpetual demonization and misappropriation of the Arabic language in western media. The goal of the game is to introduce non-Arabic speakers to the language in a setting outside of the usual frame of just the noise of a violent protest in the streets of a war-torn city in the Middle East, poorly spoken by a non-Arab speaker on a show that did very little research or flat out used it as a prop to make the “brown character” scarier. I grew up with Arabic being the language of the stories my dad read to me as a child, the song my mom sang along to while she drove me to school or put me to sleep. This game isn’t meant to teach the language, it’s meant to share the language in a setting of fun that hopes players can form a new connection with the language.

Final Deliverable 

Physical printed sample of cards and packaging 

The Process

Hand drawing > Illustrator vector

Screen Printing sample 1

Test study

Revisions and edits

Hand construct sample packaging 

Preparing files and coordinating digital printing 

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