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Social Media 

Social Media Assets - Restaurant 

Taco gif: Part of a 5-day count down. Each day one additional bite is taken from the taco, on day 5 (pictured here) the entire taco is gone, opening day.

Neon gif: The flicker of the neon light was added to bring life to the logo of the Dead Madonna

New Years Stop Motion - Hindmade 

A stop motion for a social media post celebrating the new year. The gif was created using earrings from the Hindmade Collection. 

Social Media Assets - Home Sweet Suburbia - Mikey Dinsmore 

 I worked with LA-based musician Mikey Dinsmore to produce the gifs below for his social media posts. The unique doodles were created based on the story of each song, a fart pillow for the shenanigans of ''Slapstick Kids", a bell for the memories made at a taco bell, and the amp is the amp Mikey used with his old band Racing Homer. 

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