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Behind the Concept

This bag came as a response to a personal problem I was facing. Due to the political climate I grew up in, my family was forced to move around. I always fantasized about a childhood home with all the little things it would have accumulated over the years. I always walked into homes like that and just loved how it felt like a museum or sort of living history; the height marks on the walls, the old posters of bands no longer relevant, old embarrassing trophies, and weird toys. I wanted to make an object that could “hold” and trigger those special memories. Inked, a leather bag, not only holds physical items but memories and experiences as well. The leather acts as a second skin which allows for direct tattooing. It will also age and scar over the years much like real skin. The bag comes with a Poke Stick so anyone can tattoo this bag.

Final Deliverable 

Physical Leather Bag, Tattoo Poke Pen

The Process

Conceptual Research

Exploring other angles to answer this problem

Critique #1 - Final object selection

Design and development (Bag and Pen)

Sample 1 - Handmade canvas bag sample 

Sample 2 - Handmade leather bag sample 

Final - Factory Bag Sample, 3D printed Poke Pen

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